Taiwan produces its own green tea known as Formosa  - these teas often have highly distinctive flavours, like our Ronnefeldt Gunpowder, with its herby, grassy taste. This gets its name from the shape of the tea leaves after they are rolled into small pellets – giving them an appearance that closely resembles gunshot.

Other Formosa teas include Ronnefeldt Green Oasis, blended with Moroccan peppermint for a fresh taste, and Ronnefeldt Chun Mee, renowned for its quintessential green-tea flavour. So, if you fancy a tea that’s a bit unusual, Taiwanese Formosa may be just the choice for you.

Green tea isn’t the sole preserve of China and Japan. Other regions also produce delicious varieties, including Darjeeling in India.

Our Ronnefeldt Green North Tukvar (Greenleaf) is a fine example of just such a green tea, which you can buy online right now. This comes from one the best-known tea gardens in Darjeeling, and has a taste that is by turns fruity, tart and curiously complex.

To keep expanding your tea-drinking horizons, try a different variety of green tea from the norm. And who knows? You may just discover a new favourite.

Ronnefeldt Chun Mee Organic
Ronnefeldt Chun Mee Organic A tea with a tendency to a mildly tart, fresh and grassy flavour - pe..
Ronnefeldt Green North Tukvar Organic
Ronnefeldt Green North Tukvar (Greenleaf) This rare high grade special picking from one of the be..
Ronnefeldt Green Oasis Organic
Ronnefeldt Green Oasis A delicate but tangy gunpowder with its typical small pellet-size leaves r..
Ronnefeldt Gunpowder Organic
Gunpowder produces a soft honey or coppery brew, with a herby or grassy, smooth light taste. The ..
Ronnefeldt Mae Salong Thai Oolong
This wonderful Oolong is grown at around 1500m in the Mae Salong area in the north of Thailand. T..
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