Darjeeling tea is produced in West Bengal, high in the foothills of the Himalayas. Known as the ‘champagne of teas' on account of its exquisite quality, Darjeeling tea offers a variety of tastes and aromas.

First flush Darjeeling teas, such as the First Flush Spring Darjeeling Organic and the First Flush Darjeeling Badamtam, are produced from the youngest, most succulent shoots of the tea-growing season. They are delicate in colour, fragrance and taste.

Second flush Darjeelings, meanwhile, are harvested later in the spring. Their flavour is more intense and full-bodied, and their colour a warm golden-amber. The Second Flush Darjeeling Summer Gold Organic and the Second Flush Darjeeling Margaret's Hope are fine examples of all that a second flush Darjeeling has to offer.

All Day Black Tea Hamper
In our All Day Tea Hamper we have combined three of the very best loose leaf teas for you to enjoy t..
Darjeeling Tumsong First Flush Organic
An absolute top quality tea from one of the most famous gardens in Darjeeling. Tumsong is renowned..
Ronnefeldt Darjeeling Badamtam First Flush Organic
Ronnefeldt Darjeeling Badamtam First Flush Unique single estate tea with the memorable fresh and..
Ronnefeldt Darjeeling Finest Namring Upper
Ronnefeldt Darjeeling Finest Namring Upper - Black Tea Very special handcrafted first flush tea f..
Ronnefeldt Darjeeling Margarets Hope Second Flush
Ronnefeldt Darjeeling Margaret's Hope This black tea comes from a well known tea garden in North..
Ronnefeldt Darjeeling Selection
Ronnefeldt Darjeeling Selection Selected teas from the well known gardens in Darjeeling harvested..
Ronnefeldt Darjeeling Summer Gold Organic
Ronnefeldt Darjeeling Summer Gold Second Flush Organic (previously Jungpana) An elegant flowery b..
Ronnefeldt Spring Darjeeling Organic
Ronnefeldt Spring Darjeeling First Flush Organic - A black tea of outstanding quality. A tender a..
Ronnefeldt Tea Couture Splendid Spring Darjeeling
A typical first flush Darjeeling: sparkling, aromatic and flowery. The fine fragrance of the first..
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