Ceylon tea is cultivated and produced in Sri Lanka - an island whose contours are lined with tea bushes, and whose growing regions produce teas of diverse flavour and character.

From Uva, in the east of the country, Dimbula in the west, and Nuwara Eliya in between, come some of the finest Ceylon teas. Teas whose leaves are carefully picked by hand, before being withered, rolled and fermented to prepare them for the cup.

Ceylon teas are characterised by a fragrant aroma and crisp, citrus flavours. They are delicious as single estate teas, or as part of a black tea blend. Popular varieties include Ceylon Inverness, Ceylon Orange Pekoe and the classic English Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast St. Andrews
This blend has a dark colour when brewed. Of the traditional teas, English Breakfast tea is the mo..
Ronnefeldt Ceylon Inverness
Ronnefeldt Ceylon Inverness - the best Ceylon black teas. One of the best Ceylon teas showing a ..
Ronnefeldt Ceylon Light & Late Decaffeinated Tea
Main Features: Decaffeinated, Sri Lanka, Fruity. Ronnefeldt Ceylon Light & Late - decaffeinated b..
Ronnefeldt Ceylon Mahagastotte
Ronnefeldt Ceylon Mahagastotte An exquisite, light highland tea. Delicately sweet and fresh from ..
Ronnefeldt Ceylon Orange Pekoe
Ronnefeldt Ceylon Orange Pekoe A well-balanced leaf tea blend from the tea estates of the Dimbul..
Ronnefeldt English Breakfast St James
Ronnefeldt English Breakfast St James Harvested from summer onwards this exuberant Ceylon tea co..
Ronnefeldt English Breakfast Tea
Ronnefeldt English Breakfast Tea Premium Uva Highland teas set the standard for this fruity and ..
Ronnefeldt Nuwara Eilya
Ronnefeldt Nuwara Eliya A highly aromatic delicately tart tea taste grows in the highlands of Sri..
Ronnefeldt Tea Tasting Selection Black Teas
10 BLACK TEA SAMPLE BOX Darjeeling or Assam? Which Darjeeling, which Assam? Blended or single estat..
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