Chinese black tea is grown in the southern regions of China. It is typically mild, with a deep, earthy flavour. And, because its leaves are so carefully handcrafted, Chinese black tea is celebrated for its looks, as well as its taste.

The Chinese first started manufacturing tea in the 17th Century, when producers realised that drying, fermenting and firing the tea leaf preserved it in better condition for exportation. Chinese black tea continues to be produced predominately for export, with the Chinese themselves favouring Chinese green tea and oolong tea over black tea varieties.

Popular Chinese black teas include the smoky Lapsang Souchong, the healthy Pu Erh, the sweet China Yunnan and the rare Himalayan Pearls

China Golden Yunnan Dongzhai Organic
This high class tea is picked allowing only the first fresh leaf and white bud to be taken to produc..
Ronnefeldt China Anji Black Baicha
Main Features: Chinese. A spring harvested tea from Zhejiang province. Finely produced, dark lea..
Ronnefeldt China Keemun
Ronnefeldt China Keemun - an elegant black tea An elegant tea from the Anhui Province. For the t..
Ronnefeldt China Yunnan Organic
Ronnefeldt China Yunnan An exceptional China tea with a precious, slightly sweet taste to finish..
Ronnefeldt Golden Dragon
Chinese Black Tea Golden appearance, golden taste. A touch of chocolate, malt and fruit at the same..
Ronnefeldt Pu Erh Organic
Ronnefeldt Pu Erh Tea organic Why not try PU-ERH as part of your weight-loss diet? A unique spe..
Ronnefeldt Tarry Lapsang Souchong
Ronnefeldt Tarry Lapsang Souchong An interesting China tea with the smoky flavour obtained by bu..
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