Our range of speciality black teas has been sourced from some of the lesser-known tea-growing regions of the world. Countries such as Kenya, Vietnam, Russia and Nepal, whose tea gardens yield high-quality teas that are just a little bit different.

Hand-rolled Himalayan Pearls from the Kalej Valley of India, Golden Nepal Typ Maloom from the rooftop of the world, and Milima from the highlands of Kenya: you will find all of these, and more, in our selection of speciality black teas.

Ronnefeldt Colombian Black Organic
Ronnefeldt organic Colombian Black Tea Fine, mild black tea with nuances of honey and fruit. Despit..
Ronnefeldt Golden Nepal Typ Maloom
Ronnefeldt Golden Nepal Maloom A classy black tea from the "Roof of the world", the Himalayas. T..
Ronnefeldt Milima
Ronnefeldt Milima - Kenyan Black Tea One of of the very few teas from Kenya to be traditionally p..
Ronnefeldt Queens Tea
Ronnefeldt Queens Tea - Ceylon/Darjeeling A typically flowery Darjeeling beautifully blended acco..
Ronnefeldt Ruanda Rukeri
Ronnefeldt Ruanda Rukeri- African Black Tea One of of the very few teas from Africa to be tradit..
Ronnefeldt Sikkim Temi
Ronnefeldt Sikkim Temi - delicate black tea. A delicate yet tangy specialty of Sikkim's most fam..
Vietnam Black Lion Organic
Truly unusual organic tea from Vietnam. This fully fermented large broken tea with it's many fine go..
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