The Chinese have been combining green tea with other tastes and aromas for thousands of years, and we're proud to offer a variety of the most beautiful blends.

For a good introduction to the delights of flavoured green tea, you could try the famous Ronnefeldt Morning Dew (Morgentau). This zingy composition blends Sencha with mango and citrus flavours to create a refreshing drink that can be enjoyed hot or as an iced tea.

Another great-tasting variety is Ronnefeldt Green Ginger & Lemon, a fiery ginger and fruity lemon will enliven the nose and palate, while more traditional varieties include the minty Ronnefeldt Green Oasis and Ronnefeldt Green Lemon.

Take a look at our extensive range to discover your favourite flavoured green tea online.

Ronnefeldt Apricot Sorbet
Ronnefeldt Apricot Sorbet An aromatic blend of the finest black and green teas with pieces of apr..
Ronnefeldt Chun Curuba
Ronnefeldt Chun Curuba Chun Mee, a mighty green tea, married with the fruitiness of the South Afric..
Ronnefeldt Eight Treasures
Ronnefeldt Eight Treasures A mixture of green tea and fruit ingredients. Blended according to an ..
Ronnefeldt Ginger and Strawberry
Ronnefeldt Ginger and Strawberry Chinese green tea meets the sparkling spice of ginger and the sw..
Ronnefeldt Green Ginger and Lemon
Ronnefeldt Green Ginger and Lemon A flavoured blend of Chinese green sencha tea with ginger and l..
Ronnefeldt Lotus Blossom
Ronnefeldt Lotus Blossom a flavoured Green Tea with mango flavours. A Japanese style green Sencha..
Ronnefeldt Morning Dew (Morgentau)
Ronnefeldt Morning Dew (Morgentau) - Flavoured Green tea with mango-citrus flavours. Great Taste Aw..
Ronnefeldt Morning Dew (Morgentau) - Chai
Ronnefeldt Morning Dew (Morgentau) Chai - Flavoured Green tea with mixed spices and mango-lemon fl..
Ronnefeldt Sencha Earl Grey
Ronnefeldt Sencha Earl Grey - flavoured green tea with bergamot flavour. Large leafed Sencha gree..
Ronnefeldt Vanilla Apple
Flavoured blend of green tea and baked apple. This lovely composition of Sencha green tea and appl..
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