China is well-known for its craftsmanship when it comes to producing some of the world’s finest green teas. Our selection gathers the best of these in one place, giving you the chance to buy some real treasures online.

Take China Yin Zhen Silver Needle Organic as a case in point. This distinctive tea is only available in limited numbers – making it a real treat for tea connoisseurs across the globe. Talking of treats, Ronnefeldt Golden Fortune Balls are an experience to be savoured. They look unusual, and offer a taste that blends green leaf tea with marigolds.

Whatever china green tea you choose, you can be assured of a flavour sensation that will live long in the memory.

China Green Jade Needle Organic
Green Jade needle is a marvellous fine tea from the garden of Dongzhai that particularly surprises u..
China White Yin Zhen Silver Needle Organic
Connoisseurs admire the beauty of the silvery buds that are only harvested two days a year in the ..
Ronnefeldt Cocoa Kisses
Full-flavoured, at the same time mild black tea with a hint of cocoa. The fine sweet touch of the te..
Ronnefeldt Colombian Black Organic
Ronnefeldt organic Colombian Black Tea Fine, mild black tea with nuances of honey and fruit. Despit..
Ronnefeldt Dharmsala Oolong
Ronnefeldt Dharmsala Oolong - a new addition to Ronnefeldts finest tea collection A gentle aromatic..
Ronnefeldt Golden Fortune Balls
Rare Green Tea China - Summer Picked A special green tea made from the green leaf tea and yellow ..
Ronnefeldt Jasmine Pearls (Dim of Jasmine)
Ronnefeldt Jasmine Pearls (Dim of Jasmine) - Flavoured green tea. The leaves of this rare special..
Ronnefeldt Silver Yunnan Organic
Main Features: Soft , Chinese. Silver Yunnan - White Organic loose leaf tea Exceptional striki..
Ronnefeldt Xue Rong
Main Features: Fruity, Chinese, Soft . Rare White Tea from China - Spring Picked A special white..
Speciality Tea Hamper
Discover some of the finest and rarest black teas available. They truly are the world's best...
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