Hydrate your body and renew your soul, with our range of Ronnefeldt Wellness Teas. These enticing varieties consist of herbal and fruit blends that invigorate, inspire and stimulate. There are flavours to energise, flavours to soothe and flavours simply to enjoy.

Our wellness teas are blended by experts, using the finest ingredients to create brews that are healthy, tasty and life-giving. They’re all naturally caffeine-free, and contain an abundance of nutrients to help keep your body in the best possible condition. Even better, they lift up your senses and give you a welcome boost in the midst of every-day life. If you are unsure of what tea to buy try our new Wellness Tea tasting selection box. It contains ten exquisite varieties of Ronnefeldt teas, each serving is enough for a pot (0.4l). 

View the full range by following the links below, to discover a whole new world of tea-drinking enjoyment.

Ronnefeldt Best Balance
Main Features: Sweet, South African, Caffeine Free. A flavoured herbal infusion with the taste of..
Ronnefeldt Feel Fit
Main Features: Caffeine Free, Citrus. A lively herbal infusion with hints of apple and lemon. Thi..
Ronnefeldt Feel Relaxed
Main Features: Caffeine Free, South African. An infusion that relaxes and helps to put stress and..
Ronnefeldt Good Vitality
ain Features: Fruity, Caffeine Free. A deep red infusion of fruit and herbs with Cola nut that prov..
Ronnefeldt Lavender Dream
Main Features: Mild, Caffeine Free. A pleasant herbal tea where spicy thyme meets soft lavender. Th..
Ronnefeldt Natures Secret
Main Features: South African. A flavoured colourful herbal infusion of honey bush and South Ameri..
Ronnefeldt Sleep Well
Main Features: Caffeine Free, South African. A soothing, calming and relaxing herbal infusion wit..
Ronnefeldt Tea Tasting Selection Wellness Teas
0 WELLNESS TEA SAMPLE BOX Here's a selection box from Ronnefeldt which enables you to try 10 differ..
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