Ronnefeldt and the Rosenberg European Ayurvedic Academy have joined together to produce a range of quality teas. We have six new Ayurvedic teas ; Stay in Balance, Keep on Going , Light my Fire, Free Your Mind, Let it Go and Feel Beauty. Ayurveda, the science of longevity, and is the oldest known Indian medicine. It is based on a holistic understanding of the relationship between the body, mind and soul. Inner harmony and balance of all powers within the body form the basis of a full and healthy life in Ayurveda. The three main principles ( Doshas ) are responsible for the control of all the processes and functions in the body. Vata, Pitta and Kapha are the main factors of Ayurvedic teachings and responsible for all positive or negative changes in the body. To be healthy is to have all your Doshas in balance.

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Ronnefeldt Ayurveda Feel Beauty Organic
Main Features: Spicy, Soft . Feel Beauty - Dosha Pitta - True beauty comes from within - try our..
Ronnefeldt Ayurveda Free Your Mind Organic
Free Your Mind Organic - Dosha Kapha - Just relax. A dreamlike symphony of hers spices and fine l..
Ronnefeldt Ayurveda Keep on Going Organic
Main Features: Spicy, Aromatic, Caffeine Free. Keep on Going - Dosha Vata - give your endurance a b..
Ronnefeldt Ayurveda Let It Go Organic
Main Features: Organic, Caffeine Free, Refreshing, Spicy. Let It Go - Dosha Kapha - A Green tea ..
Ronnefeldt Ayurveda Light My Flame Organic
Main Features: Spicy, Mint, Caffeine Free. Light My Flame (prev Light My Fire) - Dosha Pitta - ig..
Ronnefeldt Ayurveda Stay in Balance Organic
Main Features: Sweet, Caffeine Free. Stay in Balance - Dosha Vata - take a break from everyday l..
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