When it comes to refreshment, thirst-quenching fruit infusions are hard to beat. If the heat is rising, enjoy one cold ­- but, if your body is in need of warming, a hot fruit infusion is sure to do just the trick.

Our fruit infusions are made using only the finest ingredients; be it fruits, fruit peels, roots, petals or leaves. They contain no artificial additives, and even the flavouring comes from the highest quality oils and juice concentrates. What's more, our fruit infusions are blended by experts: people who excel at, and take pride in, creating only the best.

Whatever your tastes, we are sure to stock a fruit infusion to suit them. If you'd like a helping hand, we can highly recommend Rhubarb Cream, Fit & Fruit, Olympic Star and Red Fruit Pudding

Ronnefeldt Apple and Pear
Aromatic pear, delicately sweet and mild with pieces of apple and mango. Cup Colour: yellow Amou..
Ronnefeldt Apple Quince
Imagine the freshness of spring together with intense fruity nuances; a fragrance to awaken your s..
Ronnefeldt Black Elderberry
Quantity: Description Taste / Ingredients A powerful blend of black elderberries and flo..
Ronnefeldt Cranberry
Ronnefeldt Cranberry The taste of cranberries finely blended with a number of other ingredients c..
Ronnefeldt Fiery Cherry
Ronnefeldt Fiery Cherry A powerful blend of morello cherries, hibiscus and orange peel, with the ..
Ronnefeldt Fit & Fruit
Ronnefeldt Fit & Fruit Flavoured fruit infusion with the taste of juicy, fruity, refreshing mango..
Ronnefeldt Hibiscus Blossoms Organic
Ronnefeldt Hibiscus Blossom - A herbal harmony of appearance and taste. The Hibiscus plant is an..
Ronnefeldt Mild Blueberry
Ronnefeldt Mild Blueberry A particularly mild fruit infusion with the taste of apple and the deli..
Ronnefeldt Olympic Star
Ronnefeldt Olympic Star® (Sport Cup®) The natural revitaliser with the precious ingredients of fi..
Ronnefeldt Red Fruit Pudding
This juicy fruit infusion tastes of home grown berries with the delicious flavour of raspberries a..
Ronnefeldt Rhubarb-Cream
Ronnefeldt Rhubarb-Cream (Grannys Garden®) Naturally caffeine free. A fruity, fresh rhubarb blen..
Wild Fruits Organic
An ideal tea for the summer, this tea is also refreshing cold. Amount of tea per cup: 1 slightly h..
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