Watch your tealeaves work their magic, in one of our elegant glass teapots.

Our range includes designs to suit all tastes and budgets, including the modern Elio teapot, the Lucas tea-for-one set and the exquisitely crafted mono filio teapot.

Some of our teapots, such as this mono filio, include an integrated tea warmer. Simply place a lit tealight on the base, and keep your tea warm until the pot is empty.

Others, such as the Verona teapot, include an integral tea strainer. Not only does this enable you to serve your tea quickly, effectively and without spills, but it also helps to ensure that it’s brewed to perfection.

Browse our full range of glass teapots below.

Anna 1.0l
A contemporary glass teapot to our range with its sleek and bold appearance. Hand made and mouth ..
Finum Brew Control 0.4l
The patented TEA CONTROL makes tea easy for everyone to enjoy: When you rotate the lid of the glass ..
Leopold Vienna 0.7l
An unsual taller design and great finish make this a really lovely teapot. High temperature glass..
Lucas 0.4l
A sweet glass tea-for-one set featuring a cup, saucer, and teapot. The teapot makes 0.4l of tea, ..
Mono Classic 1.5l
The mono classic teapot was designed by Tassilo von Grolman in 1983 and revolutionised the technique..
Mono Filio 0.6l with Integrated Warmer
At last, the popular mono filio 0.6 l teapot with it's own integrated warmer This superb developm..
Theta 0.7l
A beautifully hand made and mouth blown teapot made by experienced glassblowers, a craft practised i..
Verona 1.0L
Elegant single walled glass teapot with glass strainer and lid. Content 1L(4 to 6 cups) Dishwasher..
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