Enjoy a cup of tea Japanese-style, with one or our beautiful cast iron teapots.

Their looks will make them the star attraction in any kitchen, while their sturdy construction means they will stand the test of time. What is more, the cast iron will distribute and retain the heat of your tea – keeping it warm for longer.

Our cast iron teapots are available in a variety of colours, including black, red, blue and green. They have a stainless steel filter for effortless tea-brewing, and an enamelled interior for easy cleaning.

To complete your tea set, we also stock matching cast iron accessories including trivets, cups and saucers.

Take a look at our full cast iron range using the links below.

Cannikin 0.4l
A new concept for practical tea making, our new Cannikin teapot has a slot in the lid for teabags. A..
Cosette 0.9l
A round ceramic 0.9l teapot with available in either graphite, turquoise, red, lime or white. A sta..
Cosy 0.9l
Quantity: Description If you've ever been served tea in Germany or The Netherlands you may h..
Cosy Manto 0.6l
A china teapot with an insulated sleeve which fits neatly over the top to keep your tea warmer lon..
Duet Bella Ronde Black 1.2l
A gorgeous Duet Bella Ronde black 1.2l double-walled insulated teapot by Bredermeijer Designed by..
Duet Saturn Red 1.2l
A simply beautiful Duet Saturn red metallic teapot designed by Tassilo von Grolman for Bredemeijer..
Elisabeth 0.4l
A traditional shape makes our Elisabeth teapot a classic to our range. Hand made from porcelain, a ..
Elisabeth 1.0l
A true classic white teapot with its rounded body and traditional style. Excellently hand made from ..
Lund 0.5l
Quantity: Description Reviews The Lund teapot available in 0.5l in red, black or white h..
Lund White Tea Set
The Lund design has a Scandinavian modern look and feel. This white set which comprises of - Teapot..
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