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The patented TEA CONTROL makes tea easy for everyone to enjoy: When you rotate the lid of the glass carafe, the brewing process stops. It is equally easy to resume brewing again by turning the lid back in the opposite direction. Instead of preparing the tea in the kitchen, the tea will brew in the time it takes to get to the table. Unfolding of the tea leaves and the developing colour of the tea can be observed in the wonderfully elegant glass teapot. After turning the lid, the tea can be served without filter removal and with no spills and no mess: so the tea leaves brew anywhere quickly, ready for you to enjoy Both the glass jug and the Brew Stop use high-tech PA and are dishwasher safe and completely tasteless. Even rinsing the tea leaves by tap or hand is easy. Details: Material: glass, plastic (BPA free). Height: 10 cm. Contents: 0.4 litres. Dishwasher safe

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